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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why are you wearing that flag like a cape?

I spent most of last week at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina. It was a grand old time especially because I got to see my oldest friends there—Liz, Karen and Mary. We all exchanged little gifts for one another. My girls got journals that I made covered with some cut-up “Confidential” folders from 16 Sparrows and I also passed out some note cards that I’d designed as the freebie gift for The Lot. [More on this below.] In return, I got some really neat handmade, recycled papers from Ecuador from Karen and a collector’s stamp commemorating Nat’l Letter Writing Week from the Postal Museum from Liz.

But it can’t all be fun and games and this weekend, Kathy and I will be working at The Lot. The Lot is an edgy craft fair that we’ll be selling our wares at both this weekend and the weekend after next. Free with every purchase is what you see below. I hope to see you there!


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