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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Insert Tab A into Slot B

I've had this post written since the 17th and then I kept forgetting to upload the files and blahblahblahbusycakes.

I’ve managed to tick off a number of projects on that weekend’s “To-Do” list. Right at the top was building the furniture that we had gotten last week at IKEA. ikeatableDillon and I have joined the IKEA SuperAdvanced League where you get to put together your furniture without the benefit of instructions. When we were driving back with our table on the top of the car, we had to pull over at one point because we’d heard something. It turned out that that something was a portion of the box ripping away due to the wind resistance. Apparently, the directions went the way of the missing section of the box. We get a B+ on the table because we accidentally over-screwed some of the top and put some holes in it, which will be easily fixed by wood putty. Dillon also managed to screw the head right off of a screw.

ikeabenchMy favorite new thing is the bench/shoe cubby for our landing. It’ll be nice in the winter to keep us from tracking in snow and dirt. We should use it now, but I haven’t gotten up the energy. Plus, walking either barefoot or in my house shoes aka flip-flops aggravates my plantar fasciitis. Jenny confirmed for me that my foot pain is definitely plantar fasciitis because she suffers from the same thing and she has health insurance, which lets her go to a podiatrist. I want a coat rack and umbrella stand to go with it. If only I could get rid of the HIDEOUS PLANT! Don’t blame me; it was there when we moved in.

I did the normal weekend tasks like clean the house, laundry, and grocery shopping. I also fixed my tub drain. Hurray for not showering while ankle deep in water! I finished up the packaging for a new product and got most of the way through a Frederick Douglass sketch on the new table. I’m also working on my stockpile for the trunk show. I did almost everything I wanted to do and that’s a good feeling.


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