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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Owl of Wisdom

I've just been up at Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park on this Indian Summer September day. Renegade is a good show and I wish I'd chosen to participate this year, but at sign up time, I wasn't yet involved with 16 Sparrows as heavily and it was too much of a financial burden to cover on my own. Now, as part of 16 Sparrows, I have a tent and everything; so I do plan to attend next year. Hopefully, they'll accept me. I am going to participate in the DIY Trunk Show in November though.

vintagepostcardsI did make a small purchase of a pack of assorted vintage postcards. It was one of the only items I could justify buying as I cannot make them myself... well, not "actual" vintage ones anyway. One of the items I saw for sale that I plan to recreate was a hardback book of empty envelopes. It'll be a nice way to stash little paper items like ticket stubs and cool postage stamps for posterity. I haven't made a book in a while, but I think the skill is much like riding a bike. [Famous last words perhaps?]

I need to introduce myself to my new downstairs neighbour. She gets nifty magazines in the mail like Domino and Everyday FOOD and I told Dillon jokingly, based on that and the loads of catalogues she recieves, that she's probably a lot like Kathy. He thought that my assumtion was too much of a reach but Dillon ran into her this morning and he tells me that apparently, she is into crafting as she was headed out to participate in Renegade and has much of her same design aesthetic. I can see things before they happen.


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2 entries in one day! A treat for me!

Saturday, September 16, 2006  

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