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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ah, perspective, how you mock me

Work on the Frederick Douglas Historic Site is progressing a little slower than I had hoped. There were funds issues and redo issues, but, as of yesterday, I have submitted the 3 promised design sketches to Elizabeth. From there, she and her colleagues will make some decisions and then I'll really have to get down to work. Here's what I sent out.


They are picking what layout they want for a walking tour map and what layout they want for a "historic" map. The History Map will take the property back to how it was when Frederick Douglass was alive. There will be a croquet court and a grape arbor and fields of corn and beans. There will also be a barn. There will not be a visitors center. That visitors center is hell to draw in perspective. It's built into the hill behind it and contains some funky angles. I really had to wrack my brain regarding trees. There are trees in the way of everything on the site. I also had to resort to plain making up a lot of the roofing. It's not like I could afford a helicopter or crane to take a photoshoot at the site. Thank goodness for satellite veiw on Google maps.

Coming soon: New products for sale at the craft shows!

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    Blogger Sheila said...

    Looks good so far. Can you locate a Venus magazine for me? The one which contains 16 Sparrows? I'm sorry to say that finding a gay and lesbian magazine for African Americans in Colorado Springs is a little hard to do!

    Sunday, November 12, 2006  

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