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Friday, August 08, 2008

From the HandyGirl Files

So I survived DEPART-ment. I have mixed feeling about the experience. The people are nice and the organization is good, but, much like a street festival, I just don't think people are inclined to buy non-poster papergoods at a music festival. The best part about it was that because of space constraints, I needed to build a display platform for my cards. Kathy had previously created some individual display holders but I needed something that was vertically inclined.

display build I created it out of foam core, hot glue, straight pins and craft paper. I made sure to put in supports so it doesn't sag in the middle. The resulting structure is 24" tall by 20" deep. It's sturdy and lightweight. It fits through the doors of the bus which was a concern seeing as I had to use public transit to get to the festival. The craft paper did wrinkle in spots, but those places are covered when the cards are on display. I'm exceedingly happy with it, and I'll definitely use it at Renegade. It will really open up table space.

Here is a shot of the display in all of it's glory! display in action


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