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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here kitty, kitty,kitty,kitty,kitty

catqueenFor anyone who doesn’t know already, I have two cats. Two cats are enough cats for me regardless of dreams I may have about finding kittens in my apartment. If I weren’t living with Dillon, I’d probably have to be considered a cat lady even though I only have two. At least it hasn’t progressed to the point where I try to dress them up or anything. Fortunately, Dillon’s as much a sucker for cat shenanigans as I am; so my constant cries of “Oh, my god, look at the kitty. He’s so cute,” are met with interest instead of exasperation.

catqueen2My oldest cat is a domestic mediumhair, classic tabby lynx point. I know this because I have a book that told me so. His name is Balthazar, but he comes to Baby. He is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen and he’s definitely the most beautiful cat I’ve ever kept. He’s going on nine years old I think. My other kitty is about five and he’s a mottled white, silver spotted tabby domestic shorthair named Sebastian, but more often called Fatty or Fatness or Lump or Get Off Me, You’re Fat. Sebastian weighs about 21 pounds. He’s a really active cat and we play with him, but he just seems to be fat as his permanent state of being. He also fetches and drinks from the toilet. Oh, and Balthazar drools; so it’s like also having a dog between the two of them.

At the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Show [subject of the next post], I was stationed next to Emily Kirchner, Recycling Artist. In addition to making really great stuff out of recovered materials, Emily had some great catnip filled yarn mice, which I had decided to get as presents for my friend Jenny’s kitties because she’s always giving me things for my kitties. I had them in my bag from the fair and Sebastian, being a catnip and a yarn fiend, found them and drug them out into the living room. He had so much fun with it that I had to give it to him. Even Baby played with it a little and Baby doesn’t play with anything. So Emily Kirchner’s cat toys are cat tested and cat approved!

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