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Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Golden Pig to the Girls of Golden Hen

For the longest time, there was a mystery in my apartment building; the “K. Egbert” mystery. My downstairs neighbor would always get the coolest magazines and deliveries. Her mailing list was so similar to Kathy’s that I jokingly remarked to Dillon that she must be just like her. My suspicions were confirmed when he ran into K. [ for Kim ] in the hall one morning and she was on her way to exhibit at Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park last September.

I still hadn’t met her, but I employed a little detective work. I’d seen mail come to “Golden Hen Press;” so I checked for it online without luck. The trail was cold until the Renegade Holiday Show when I was running around trying to look at everything and there was a sign. It said “Golden Hen Press.” Eureka!

goldenhengirlsThere were two lovely young women behind the table and I suavely asked, “Is one of you Kim Egbert?” Thus the mystery was solved and I finally met my downstairs neighbor. Turns out that she and her business partner Elaine are producing paper products, including gorgeous fine papers. This is a boring story, I know, but I like it because she lives right below me and does things that I do and I love that about Wicker Park. I keep meaning to have a proper business meeting with her and maybe set up some special papers of my own through Golden Hen.goldenhen1

They are still working on the website, but it promises to be a thing of beauty. If I find out before you do that it’s up, I’ll be sure to tag it here.


Anonymous irene said...

Already looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing more work by Golden Hen.

Saturday, March 03, 2007  

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