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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mother's Day a little late

hl-348So, not wanting to spoil any surprises, I'm posting about these now. I have two mothers who get cards, my mom and my grandma. Since I am constantly going back and forth to Paper Doll, the lovely stationer down the way from my apartment I had ample time to pick the perfect cards this year. The first card I picked up was from Hello! Lucky. I picked it for my mom because I just miss and love her. I saw it and was harpooned! Then, when looking for my grandmother, I found a card from Bella Muse that I couldn't not buy! It wasn't exactly Grandma-friendly though; in the end, I sent the whales to my Grandma and the cleaver to my mom. Both of my matriarchs were pleased. yhst-59364177845516_1939_7516132

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