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Thursday, May 17, 2007


housefinchesI have been busy busy lately! The new Etsy shop is inspiring and addictive. I’ve got a lot of time off this week and I’ve been trying to get as much done as possible which includes prepackaging and labeling 16 Sparrows products, copyrighting, premaking a lot of Etsy stuff, packing up a submission to The Sampler, and talking to Golden Hen Press about printing up some papers.

seedlingsPlus, it’s Spring! Spring means that I reorganize the closet. Spring means that Dillon and I go to IKEA and by shelves and porch furniture. Spring means that I plant things. My dream is to have a porch vegetable garden. I started seeds in some trays I had left over from a take out restaurant. So far I’ve got spinach, squash, beans, and various herbs all growing out on the porch. I also bought a bird feeders for the House Sparrows and House Finches. That is what they are called, I looked them up.


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