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Monday, October 13, 2008

Art House

A couple of months ago, I participated in the Collecting Objects project with Art House. The project was a lot of fun for me- it involved collecting things that represented myself and my life and putting them into an accordion folder which I then mailed off to the Art House gallery for exhibition. Being an enormous pack rat, I had no problem collecting and sorting all sorts of things for them.

A couple of weeks ago, the bigwigs of Art House sent me a nice email about a section of my submission. I had used some Evidence tags to identify pieces of my entry and they wanted to know where they could get their own. There was a little emailing back and forth, but it was decided that I should make some for them for the next collecting objects project: The Time Line Project . Now, people who sign up will receive 10 of my specimen tags to use. I'm loving everything that Art House does. Please come play with us!


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