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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I hate Times New Roman

I’m so excited right now. I think it’s probably because I’ve had far, far too much coffee after having none yesterday. My schedule for work is even jam-packed and still I’m in an extremely positive mood. Having an Etsy store has really jump started my creative juices. I don’t think it’s the prospect of having something sell, I think it’s the sense of being a part of a community of making things. I just feel like I want to play with the other kids. Does that make sense?

I’ve got a billion projects on my burners right now. I’m carving linoleum blocks for printing, I’m designing patterns for paper and fabric, I’m thinking about tote bag and change purse designs, I’m finally working on image research for some cards I’ve been wanting to do, I’ve got plans for the Sew Useful contest*, and tons of other things. Plus, I’ve ended up with an issue of Craft magazine which is just FULL of stuff I want to make, namely, thesehouse slippers and this pin cushion. Not to mention that the last half of the Frederick Douglass House project is finally underway.

Kathy has returned to Chicago. I’m excited to have my partner-in-crafting-crime back. She will of course be very busy with custom design work and hanging out with her boyfriend and going off to Italy for a cruise, but I’m sure she’ll find time to come over and hang out on the porch with margaritas. She’s been here about 4 days and already there are some new recipe cards up on the site.

*The Sew Useful contest is really biting me in the butt at the moment because I can not get the Instructables site to work AT ALL. I've been trying it on and off this past week. On both Mac and PC platforms with different browsers [Safari, Explorer, Firefox], it is either: a) slow, b)loads blank, or c)when it loads, crashes the browser within a couple of page clicks. Anybody have any ideas on how to get around this? I really just want to know I might fix it if it is fixable from my end. I’ve cleaned out my cache and opened up some security parameters and still it’s a no go.


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