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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

After the Deluge

halloween freebieHappy October Internet World! In honor of this most glorious of months, I am offering a free Halloween-themed gift with any purchase from my Etsy shop.

Renegade was a blast! Despite it being on of the more wearying tasks of the year, I have already applied for inclusion in their holiday show. The weather was beautiful and the new location worked out nicely. Traffic was moderate to heavy for the majority of the fair, at least, while it was still light out. I made friends with the vendors around me and that’s always the best part of fairs- getting to know other crafty types.

renegade 2007 spread 2The fair was Saturday and Sunday and I was part of the lucky [or unlucky] section that got to arrive for setup between 8AM and 9AM for a fair that started at 12PM. Despite having to get up in the early, I actually found that having 3 hours to setup was great. It allowed me to move things a millimeter left or right to my liking and I didn’t have to feel rushed about it. Plus, I think all of my meticulous presentation paid off. I had two people go out of their way to tell me that I had the best presented booth of the whole fair.

The posts this week will focus on the Design of Crafters and also, Things What I Bought at Renegade. There will also, hopefully, be a review over at Chicago Style Crafters.

As a big head aside, there's an interview I gave to Jennicakes over at the Sampler here. And if you want to hear my silly little voice, you can listen to me prattle here.


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