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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Based upon feedback I received from the lovely and helpful Allison over at the National Postal Museum, I've been making some tweaks and changes to my handmade envelopes and mailing stickers. I've also been mad at work over the long weekend making envelope books and vintage paper books and boy, are my arms tired. No, seriously. I use my arms a lot.

For the mailing stickers, Allison requested more "fragile" type stickers and less "expidite/priority/rush" stickers. I put in a lovely "handle with care" sticker that I quite like, along with a "please don't crush", and a "do not bend."

handmade envelopes 3 NOV07On the handmade envelopes, they had previously been packaged with an office supply store white label. Complaints were that they were just a) too small and b) there was no label for the return address. I never was able to find anything I could use at the supply store, so I made my own.

I'll be posting the books I made later on it the week. In other news, I'll be at Renegade Holiday. My booth is set near the edge of the stage in the auditorium. Please do stop by. rcfholiday_webbanner4