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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mother's Day a little late

hl-348So, not wanting to spoil any surprises, I'm posting about these now. I have two mothers who get cards, my mom and my grandma. Since I am constantly going back and forth to Paper Doll, the lovely stationer down the way from my apartment I had ample time to pick the perfect cards this year. The first card I picked up was from Hello! Lucky. I picked it for my mom because I just miss and love her. I saw it and was harpooned! Then, when looking for my grandmother, I found a card from Bella Muse that I couldn't not buy! It wasn't exactly Grandma-friendly though; in the end, I sent the whales to my Grandma and the cleaver to my mom. Both of my matriarchs were pleased. yhst-59364177845516_1939_7516132

Next post: Shhhh! This is a library!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


housefinchesI have been busy busy lately! The new Etsy shop is inspiring and addictive. I’ve got a lot of time off this week and I’ve been trying to get as much done as possible which includes prepackaging and labeling 16 Sparrows products, copyrighting, premaking a lot of Etsy stuff, packing up a submission to The Sampler, and talking to Golden Hen Press about printing up some papers.

seedlingsPlus, it’s Spring! Spring means that I reorganize the closet. Spring means that Dillon and I go to IKEA and by shelves and porch furniture. Spring means that I plant things. My dream is to have a porch vegetable garden. I started seeds in some trays I had left over from a take out restaurant. So far I’ve got spinach, squash, beans, and various herbs all growing out on the porch. I also bought a bird feeders for the House Sparrows and House Finches. That is what they are called, I looked them up.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


card catalog generator

Isn't it cool? Get your own card here

I've been busy. Busy thinking up new things to do and make and spend money on. I think I'm probably into a mini-manic phase, but I plan to keep it reigned in to reality. I've been bounding about all over the interweb looking a great new journals. My two new favorites are Jotter and Papercrave.

I'm partially all over the place because I just started a new shop over at Etsy. It's such a HUGE place, Etsy. I've been trying to look at everything and my head is exploding. I keep having to take breaks and do other things instead of looking at all the cool handmade stuff I want to buy.