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Friday, January 25, 2008

Robot Love Dogs

Bad-Ass-RobotMy first two [mostly] completed projects of 2008! The first is a Valentine for 16 Sparrows intended to appeal to my kind: i.e. people who can quote Star Wars without being ironic a.k.a. geeks. It could also be a friend-to-friend card rather than a crotch-to-crotch card like our other offering. I was inspired to make this card by the wonderful Mr. Wil Wheaton, who keeps an excellent blog perfect for those hours you're supposed to be working. Dillon drew the robot for me because I'm crap at robots. Okay, I'm not crap at robots, but it took him a two days and it would have taken me a week. This gem of a card is available at 16 Sparrows for pre-order!

bulldog-pinkI've also been doing a bit more custom order stuff. Kathy and I were contacted about a Save the Date featuring this dog. I came up with some ideas which were fun because how can that dog not be fun? This is the finished image. We're working on paper colors now and then that will be that.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Real news or not?

Dennou_CoilI've added a new element to my evening routine of going home, turning on NPR, and working on orders. Now, I also have to look at io9, a site by Gawker dedicated to Sci-Fi and all its glory. I'd waste time at work on it, but unfortunately Gawker Media won't load on my work computer. Consequently, this eats about an hour or so of my evening, but it's worth it because I find stuff like Dennou Coil.

Dennou Coil is a really insanely awesome anime which is thankfully available in its entirety on youTube. I spent a good portion of last weekend watching all 26 episodes. It has a really good mixture of cyberpunkness with wholesome kid's show, Japanese style. The last couple of episodes totally made me cry too.

Love-PantsIn real news, Kathy and I have a new Valentine's card available for pre-order. It will be getting a friend of a more masculine type shortly. Think "bad ass robot" style. Exciting no?

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

And a happy new year

Believe it or not, I am still reading the book I have on the sidebar in my "Currently Reading" section. It's just that I read it little bit by little bit because it's a lot of book to carry around.

I survived the Holiday Season with mostly the greatest of ease. Most of my work came just prior to the actual season which is probably why I don't remember it being too overwhelmingly busy. I did make a resolution to post here once a week, which I've already failed at. Whoo! Go me. So now I'm gonna shoot for twice a month.

Many plans are brewing for 2008: calendars, decoder rings, more cards, papers... I'm contemplating taking some classes at The Center for Book and Paper Arts and maybe finding a yoga class or something a little more physical than hours of LocoRoco on the couch.

cyrillic typewriterI received many lovely and thoughtful gifts over the holidays, but I am most contented with a gift I bought myself. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting my all-new, completely functional, mint green, Hermes Rocket Cyrillic typewriter! It makes me want to type up encoded messages. It also makes me wish I'd paid more attention in Russian class.