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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here kitty, kitty,kitty,kitty,kitty

catqueenFor anyone who doesn’t know already, I have two cats. Two cats are enough cats for me regardless of dreams I may have about finding kittens in my apartment. If I weren’t living with Dillon, I’d probably have to be considered a cat lady even though I only have two. At least it hasn’t progressed to the point where I try to dress them up or anything. Fortunately, Dillon’s as much a sucker for cat shenanigans as I am; so my constant cries of “Oh, my god, look at the kitty. He’s so cute,” are met with interest instead of exasperation.

catqueen2My oldest cat is a domestic mediumhair, classic tabby lynx point. I know this because I have a book that told me so. His name is Balthazar, but he comes to Baby. He is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen and he’s definitely the most beautiful cat I’ve ever kept. He’s going on nine years old I think. My other kitty is about five and he’s a mottled white, silver spotted tabby domestic shorthair named Sebastian, but more often called Fatty or Fatness or Lump or Get Off Me, You’re Fat. Sebastian weighs about 21 pounds. He’s a really active cat and we play with him, but he just seems to be fat as his permanent state of being. He also fetches and drinks from the toilet. Oh, and Balthazar drools; so it’s like also having a dog between the two of them.

At the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Show [subject of the next post], I was stationed next to Emily Kirchner, Recycling Artist. In addition to making really great stuff out of recovered materials, Emily had some great catnip filled yarn mice, which I had decided to get as presents for my friend Jenny’s kitties because she’s always giving me things for my kitties. I had them in my bag from the fair and Sebastian, being a catnip and a yarn fiend, found them and drug them out into the living room. He had so much fun with it that I had to give it to him. Even Baby played with it a little and Baby doesn’t play with anything. So Emily Kirchner’s cat toys are cat tested and cat approved!

Next post: Renegade Craft Fair

Monday, December 18, 2006

Early Resolution

I will post more often in my journal as resolution number one. Resolution two, I think, may involve keeping my credit card reciepts, but really, it's depressing how much I spend which is why I think I don't keep track of it now. Resolution three I don't have yet, but three is a good number; so I'll have to think of something.

I have a glut of information to post about, but I've written up a schedule to ensure that I don't talk about Christmas presents too soon or bore you with my cats overly much. Tonight's post is brought to you by the USPS and my love of the postal system. It is a testament to how much I love the post office in that I still love the post office after living in Chicago. The litany of wrongdoings committed by the Wicker Park office is miles long. I've nearly seen people fighting in the post office and their cancelation stamp is misspelled. Mail at my new apartment is much better than the mail at my old one. I don't get a lot of mail for two streets over anymore, and I seem to get all the mail that I'm entitled to.

I'm not sure how many people know this but the post office will ship you postage supplies for free. I use up a lot of priority mail stickers and envelopes with 16 Sparrows and they send me out more without even a shipping charge. When I couldn't find priority mail tape available online, I simply asked for some at the counter and the postal lady handed me a brand new roll. It smells like candy. Free tape candy.

I've gotten lovely mail things, well, through the mail lately. A bag from the French Air Mail service and a lot of assorted mailing papers.
The bag is huge. I had thought that I would turn it into a messenger bag, but I could make 7 bags out of it. It's gunnysack sized.

Lastly, if I had a house, I would love a norwegian post box from Frost Produkt. Unfortunately, they appear to be out of them at the moment, but you can see them in the press section under Wallpaper of November 06. I really want one.

The next post will be all about cats! I know you're excited.