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Monday, May 29, 2006

Thinks it has got something to do with books

This is Sebastian. This is Sebastian's version of helping...

The sketch for the tote bags for the Market Days project was completed last weekend. It didn't go through too many evolutions. It was inspired by the birds they used for transportation on that old cartoon [and book series] The Littles. The hardest part was getting the bag right. Eventually, a wicker basket popped in to the choices and that's what Kathy liked the best. We'll see how they come out silk-screened. I hope that they weaving lines in the basket aren't a problem.

Friday was a research and developement day which basically means I went to the art store and the paper store and had a grand time spending money. I picked out an excellent paper for my new deluxe line of journals. I also found some really nifty miniature file folders. Saturday was a goof around day because, hey, it was a three day weekend. Sunday though, I worked all day on the deluxe journal. I perfected the elastic band closure and I also augmented the mini-folder I just picked up into an expanding file which is glued into the back of the journal. Pictures should be available soon.

There's new packaging in the works for my envelopes. My roommate Kathy, the beauty and the brains behind 16 Sparrows, has been using Clear Bags for her products since last summer. It's astounding how professional something looks when it's incased in mylar. I'm also really tired of typing out all the websites and copyrights on slips of paper to wrap everything around in.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Making Maps for the GOV

I made the mistake of putting the words "Russian vintage" into a search on eBay. It has opened up a whole world of new things to covet, but I've been fairly good at not spending my money. However, I saw this bag and knew I had to have it. It's a Russian officer's map carrying case [or a document carrying case; I've seen different descriptions] and I plan to use it as a traveling art kit for all that outdoor and life drawing that I want to be doing with the weather improves. I also plan to take it with me to the Art Institute and do a bit of sketch studying, but I'll have to check on the regulations.

My friend and frequent commisioner, perhaps I should say "patron", Elizabeth, called me this evening about some possible work designing and illustrating a map for the National Historic Site that she works at. I told her I'd have her a proposal by Monday. Still busy working on the site and contemplating an additional freebie item called Map Scraps []- a package of bits of map that I haven't any use for but maybe someone might. I wouldn't charge for them; they'd be promotional pieces. If you would like a free Map Scrap Pack let me know!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ultra Mega Chicken

I'm still busy tweaking the website into a more cohesive creature. The navigation links are soon to be fitted in a compass form befitting the map theme. I also have plans to have scanned envelopes becoming separation boxes, bringing in that postal element I think I lost with the redesign. I spent my Sunday morning on that part of my projects.

My afternoon consisted of watching Kathy demolish an old bar chair [see the lovely picture above] and finally getting outside. Instead of setting up a spraying area inside the apartment and inhaling spray glue fumes as usually, I enjoyed some fresh air while making some journals. I've also been busy redesigning the back of my postcard mailers. I've got 4 different designs that I'm playing with, but I'm probably going to go with one that also shows some other illustrations on the back.

After dinner I'm going to start playing with my idea for an even larger, deluxe version of the journals that I make. I've been really jealous of the Moleskine elastic band because sometimes the journals have a warping problem. I know how they do it, now I've just got to figure out how I want to do it.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Spring Cleaning

It's a new season, and it's a time for a change. Time to dust of the cobwebs and get back to work. This is just one of the many new things that I've started with the help and know-how of my marvelous roommate Kathy. My website is updated and I now have a shop all of my own. This is where I'll be posting my inspirations and current projects. Thanks for checking in!