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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Things What I Bought at Renegade

renegade 2007 swag

Everyone should buy at craft fairs/farmers markets/independent retailers. There’s really no reason not to. That couple of dollars more spent means you know where your items are coming from, that you can talk to the source about how it was made, that you can have a point of contact if there is a problem. Plus, it’s a lot of fun and you’re supporting your local economy. So I have no guilt about this long list of stuff I acquired at Renegade. Also, being a crafter at a craft fair, there is the option most times of making a trade, which is good fun and not like spending money at all. It’s more like turning straw into gold…[I make sense to me and that’s what matters.]

--Note: Click the photo and all links are available as notes in flickr!--

Papered Together – Hedgehog coasters: Now, I don’t really have any use for coasters, but she was all out of hedgehog cards and I figured that I could use the coasters as cards. Plus, they came in a sweet little box. Krista had a lovely and clean display and it was great to meet her as I have coveted her items on Etsy for an awful long time.

Fernworks – Winter Tree necklace: I did not get to really roam the fair with any sort of leisure, but in my mad dash through, this necklace caught my eye. There was a huge crush of people around the booth though and I didn’t have the time or patience to wait to make the purchase. Fortunately for me, Faryn Davis, the artistian, came by my table later and we worked out a trade.

We Are Campfire – City of Wind/City of Steel shirts: These guys were my fair buddies, but in addition to being extremely friendly and helpful and funny and generous, they also make really well designed and quality shirts. They have a really large range of shirts from inside typography jokes to City-themes to graphical. I ordered the City of Steel for my Pittsburgh-native boyfriend and they gifted me with the City of Wind shirt.

Pink Loves Brown – PLB and 16Sparrows have been on friendly terms since before I started working for 16S. We each do the stationery thing, but we have our own styles and that makes life fun and interesting. I picked up this extra-sweet stationery and Nicole asked me if I wanted it personalized. I now wonder if she would have done it right then and there. They were on the electricity side…

RaR RaR Press – Unlinke Pink Loves Brown, RaR RaR is a little more of a direct competitor to 16 Sparrows. We’re each riding the sweet/sassy/sarcastic train. I really love their stuff though and they do letterpress and have a different look than we do. I picked out some devilishly fun postcards that I just couldn’t let go by.

Lotions & Potions – I sat in at my table, suffering from highly chapped lips when I suddenly realized that there was a seller cattycorner behind me that sold lip balm. I popped over as quickly as I could and asked her what her favorite was. It turned out to be Coconut Lemongrass and it is super. My lips were better in about 10 minutes and it smells divine. I’m wearing it right now.

11:11 – Passport case/Condom cozy: Jamila was the seller directly behind me and we bonded because, 1) we were both manning our booths on our lonesome’s and 2) we both graduated from SCAD. Whohoo, go expensive art degree! We make crafts! Her table was busy all fair because her items were just too fun. Heck, I don’t need a condom cozy, but boy howdy, did she make me want one!

See, great stuff. And not expensive. And all handmade!!!! I love working in handmade goods and I love supporting others who do the same.


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