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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Real news or not?

Dennou_CoilI've added a new element to my evening routine of going home, turning on NPR, and working on orders. Now, I also have to look at io9, a site by Gawker dedicated to Sci-Fi and all its glory. I'd waste time at work on it, but unfortunately Gawker Media won't load on my work computer. Consequently, this eats about an hour or so of my evening, but it's worth it because I find stuff like Dennou Coil.

Dennou Coil is a really insanely awesome anime which is thankfully available in its entirety on youTube. I spent a good portion of last weekend watching all 26 episodes. It has a really good mixture of cyberpunkness with wholesome kid's show, Japanese style. The last couple of episodes totally made me cry too.

Love-PantsIn real news, Kathy and I have a new Valentine's card available for pre-order. It will be getting a friend of a more masculine type shortly. Think "bad ass robot" style. Exciting no?

Next post: Robot Love Dogs


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone bought me Grave of the Fireflys, a really depressing anime that appeared cute ( I haven't seen much anime stuff) about a year ago and I remember watching it and totally busting out into tears. It was the most depressing film I have ever seen. It shows some seriously ugly parts of life. And while I sort of hate it for being so harsh, I really liked the truth it told about how some peoples lives are. Anyways, you should check it out when in the mood for a depressive some time. haha.

Friday, February 08, 2008  

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