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Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Comics: I Kill Giants

new comic filing systemIn an effort to more regularly update my journal, I've decided to do a little section on comics that I'm reading each Friday. I read a not insignificant amount of comics and/or graphic novels on a steady basis. Just last weekend, I was fed-up with the organizational situation of my single issues. Fortunately, I had some old index tabs lying around and made things a little easier on myself when I go to add new comics to my collection.

This week's installment is about I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly and illustrated byJ.M. Ken Nimmura. There's a preview of the full first issue up at Image. This was a recommendation by my local shopkeeper, Pat of Challenger Comics. Much like an old style grocer, I can go in to Challenger and ask, "What's good today?" and Pat or Dal will give me an honest and informative answer. A couple of months ago, the answer was I Kill Giants. It's about an outsider school girl, convinced that she has the power to slay giants which she is also convinced are ready to lay waste to her life at any moment. It's also about kids, mental illness, social work, imagination and wonder. After finishing the first issue, I felt the same way I felt the first time I read The Maxx. It's continued to affect me deeply. I may even consider having the single issues bound, I like it so much. There you have it- I Kill Giants- highly recommended!


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